Holiday Home Services

The best way for us to explain the benefits of holiday home services is for you to picture the scene: You and your family are finally packed to take a break at your holiday home, a cherished possession which everyone cannot wait to get to. Visions of sun, sea and lazy days are in everyone’s mind and for the younger generation it is very much an “are we there yet?” scenario.

Whilst you are on the road and beginning to chill out, thoughts start going through your head. “What state will the property be in when we get there?” “Do we need to stock up on foodstuffs and household goods on our way?” “How much time will we have to spend (and being a grudge activity, waste) cleaning up before we can relax?” These are realities which many holiday home owners are faced with and immediately it becomes clear that some of your valuable vacation time has to be spent on domestic activities, the last thing you want to do when away from your home base.

This is where Property Management specialists comes into play. Focused on enhancing your holiday experience as much as you permit, we will facilitate the full spectrum of needs prior to arriving at your destination, leaving you with the maximum amount of time to start enjoying your break.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a locally based service that you could call upon to handle a whole string of requirements for you. Could you really say no to arriving at your destination and finding a property that is cleaned, the grocery cupboard and refrigerator are stocked, fresh linen and towels are ready and all you have to do is unpack and take that first stroll down to the beach or the local eatery? The geysers are on so you don’t have to wait for the water to heat up for that well deserved shower after hours on the road.

Once your break is over and you start the process of packing up to head home, the last thing you want to do is clean up everything including washing the linen and doing all those “non-holiday” tasks that are probably facing you when you get home. If only you had someone to hand the keys to who will make sure that everything is tidied up and in its right place after you have left.

Then of course there is the other dynamic that comes into play when you are relaxing at your holiday home. You start noticing that there is some maintenance that needs to be done, garden landscaping to be beefed up, wood needing treatment, that braai area you rigged up some years back needs a facelift and the list becomes endless.

More often than not, those thoughts get discarded as you don’t have someone who can facilitate all of that for you whilst you are back at home base. The longer those thoughts get discarded, the higher the maintenance time and cost when you do get around to doing what needs to be done.

Well that need not be a concern any longer if you contract the services of a company that specialises in managing all of that for you and becomes your “eyes and ears”, supervising all the work that needs to be done. Instead of having to deal with multiple service providers remotely, you can have one point of contact to manage all aspects of your holiday home in your absence and leave you with peace of mind that at your next visit, all those “maintenance” thoughts will be parked in favour of enjoying the home in its refurbished state.